Appalachian Books

Appalachian books are kind of depressing.

The ones I’ve read are really good, but they’re so sad and heavy and deep. It makes it hard to read them quickly.

That shouldn’t be a problem, but they’re the majority of my reading list. With 12 new novel suggestions from my mentor, I’m starting to worry about reading all of them. I also don’t know how deeply I should read. If a quick reading for enjoyment will suffice, I can get through this list much faster than if I need to deep-read at the normal English major level.

Either way, I need to hurry up and get to reading.

I do so much better when I don’t have to keep up with how long I’m reading or when I don’t have to go find my glasses/clean them/put them on. I guess at this rate I just need to read every chance I get regardless.

More importantly, I need to figure out how to cheer up when I stop reading. That’s probably the hardest part.


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