Faith Music

Today, I drove along curving, green back roads and took the long way home. I just breathe better when I see houses and farmland dotting the horizon instead of various bits of car wreckage remaining on the shoulder of the interstate. Naturally, I wanted to listen to some good, soul-soaring music. I turned on the … More Faith Music

Wasted Time

I guess you could say that I have had two months of ‘bad days of writing.’ It’s not necessarily a fair statement, as I really only had two days of writing total, and both days produced two pages of work each. Problem: two pages are for the start of the book, and two pages are … More Wasted Time

Prayer, Round 2

My first day working on this project, I prayed for God to use the story and I had the idea to switch the time period, which magically fixed my writer’s block. It was amazing!!! And part of me, though extremely thankful, felt a little skeptical that it could be a coincidence. I had enough faith … More Prayer, Round 2

Major Revision

My plan was to rewrite the majority of my story from scratch. I successfully did that for one section. I tried for three others, but only used parts of those to add to the original. I went through the story and made sure that all of Dawson’s sections reflected his desires. I marked all of … More Major Revision