Thoughts upon finishing Stygo by Laurie Hendrie Depending on chapter, it mixes 3rd person and 1st person narrators. The 3rd person sections, especially, have noticeable “you”s that stand out because of the seeming inconsistency of the perspective. However, the “you”s work colloquially to boost the voice of the town. The language throughout the book is very … More Stygo

Outside Reader 1

Feedback from a peer, and brainstorming how to fix it She was confused on Dawson’s job. She thought he was a doctor at first. She agreed the ending was rushed. More time, such as a day, could pass for Charlie to think about what Cadence said before Darlene returns. She liked the descriptions of Darlene’s … More Outside Reader 1

Spewing Words

Today’s work day was shockingly productive! I got the next five pages of my story done in an hour and a half. I also feel like the plot is starting to go somewhere, and I’m getting a better feel for all of the characters involved. In short, I feel good about these pages! Obviously they … More Spewing Words


I’m not really sure what to write for the blog. I have been overwhelmed with other things, like papers and and strep throat and rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day, that have kept me rather distracted. I think I have an idea for at least the next two pages of my story, though; I’ll include a section … More Distracted

Three Pages

I accomplished a rough three pages of my project yesterday. I need to keep up/ increase the praying about my piece, because it’s definitely helping. (Not to say that these words are directly from God, but surely He’s doing something when unexpected answers show up while I write.) I had written down a rough two … More Three Pages

Interview 1

Interview with a former financial VP for a local hospital What is the title for housekeepers/ cleaners in a hospital? Would they be assigned wings/ wards or be everywhere as needed? Title: Environmental Services Assigned a floor/ wing/ section; some quick cleaners are hired to speed up the turnover between patients in at-capacity hospitals such … More Interview 1

What Everyone Runs From

For the week of 1/10/17 A list of possible characters and what they are running from: Dawson: his past (the loss of his parents; instead of building walls, he tries desperately to protect) Cadence: her past (her father’s overbearing control, her mother’s unhappiness) Needs more development Nurse Ann: heartbreak (avoids relationships so she can’t get hurt) … More What Everyone Runs From