Faith Music

Today, I drove along curving, green back roads and took the long way home. I just breathe better when I see houses and farmland dotting the horizon instead of various bits of car wreckage remaining on the shoulder of the interstate. Naturally, I wanted to listen to some good, soul-soaring music. I turned on the … More Faith Music

Saint Maybe

Thoughts on Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler There is humor at the beginning in an overly serious tone. However, as the formality fades and the events of the novel fit the seriousness, the humor ends. The book uses colloquial language that makes it feel more real. There is high tension both internally for all of the characters … More Saint Maybe


Thoughts upon finishing Glorybound by Jessie Van Eerden Though the beginning was hard to get into because of its dense content and sad tone, I couldn’t put it down for the last 100 pages. It picked up speed toward the end as everything came together and everyone got healed. There were shorter sections and quicker shifts … More Glorybound

Imposter Syndrome

I’ve had a professor talk before about Imposter Syndrome. He said almost all English majors had it. Basically, it’s that feeling you get that everybody knows more than you and you really aren’t qualified to be here (and maybe you should drop out and be a nurse.) The thing is, he said, everyone feels that way. … More Imposter Syndrome


I’m not really sure what to write for the blog. I have been overwhelmed with other things, like papers and and strep throat and rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day, that have kept me rather distracted. I think I have an idea for at least the next two pages of my story, though; I’ll include a section … More Distracted