Faith Music

Today, I drove along curving, green back roads and took the long way home. I just breathe better when I see houses and farmland dotting the horizon instead of various bits of car wreckage remaining on the shoulder of the interstate. Naturally, I wanted to listen to some good, soul-soaring music. I turned on the … More Faith Music

Machine Dreams

Thoughts on Machine Dreams by Jayne Anne Phillips As with Out of Peel Tree, the fragmented stories are hard to get into, but cover a lot more ground in time and setting. The use of letters for Mitch’s war memories do a nice job of characterizing him and his relationships with others through the use of small … More Machine Dreams

Out of Peel Tree

Thoughts on reading Out of Peel Tree by Laura Long By fragmenting the novel through short stories, Long could cover an impressive 2 generations of time. This led to some flat sections that told, rather than showed, the passage of time. The inconsistent narrator to style ratio made the overall story harder to follow. (For example, some … More Out of Peel Tree


Thoughts upon finishing Glorybound by Jessie Van Eerden Though the beginning was hard to get into because of its dense content and sad tone, I couldn’t put it down for the last 100 pages. It picked up speed toward the end as everything came together and everyone got healed. There were shorter sections and quicker shifts … More Glorybound

Point of View

Yesterday was a big day for the first five pages of my story. I met with my mentor and also had a workshop. Everything seemed positive, and I feel good continuing work on this project. I was particularly encouraged when my professor said the words were flying off the page. She mentioned a couple of spots … More Point of View

Genre Mapping

I’m not sure what genre I’m trying to write. My first explanation led professors to call it a “novel in stories.” Upon further discussion, I think I have managed to totally confuse us all. Thus, I drew a map. Maybe this is just a normal novel with many narrators. Maybe it is more novel-in-stories than … More Genre Mapping