Saint Maybe

Thoughts on Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler There is humor at the beginning in an overly serious tone. However, as the formality fades and the events of the novel fit the seriousness, the humor ends. The book uses colloquial language that makes it feel more real. There is high tension both internally for all of the characters … More Saint Maybe


Thoughts upon finishing Stygo by Laurie Hendrie Depending on chapter, it mixes 3rd person and 1st person narrators. The 3rd person sections, especially, have noticeable “you”s that stand out because of the seeming inconsistency of the perspective. However, the “you”s work colloquially to boost the voice of the town. The language throughout the book is very … More Stygo

Machine Dreams

Thoughts on Machine Dreams by Jayne Anne Phillips As with Out of Peel Tree, the fragmented stories are hard to get into, but cover a lot more ground in time and setting. The use of letters for Mitch’s war memories do a nice job of characterizing him and his relationships with others through the use of small … More Machine Dreams

Outside Reader 1

Feedback from a peer, and brainstorming how to fix it She was confused on Dawson’s job. She thought he was a doctor at first. She agreed the ending was rushed. More time, such as a day, could pass for Charlie to think about what Cadence said before Darlene returns. She liked the descriptions of Darlene’s … More Outside Reader 1

Out of Peel Tree

Thoughts on reading Out of Peel Tree by Laura Long By fragmenting the novel through short stories, Long could cover an impressive 2 generations of time. This led to some flat sections that told, rather than showed, the passage of time. The inconsistent narrator to style ratio made the overall story harder to follow. (For example, some … More Out of Peel Tree


Thoughts upon finishing Glorybound by Jessie Van Eerden Though the beginning was hard to get into because of its dense content and sad tone, I couldn’t put it down for the last 100 pages. It picked up speed toward the end as everything came together and everyone got healed. There were shorter sections and quicker shifts … More Glorybound